Wow, this regular schedule thing is taking some getting used to. I’m back on the caffeine, just so I can stay awake in class. It’s still a struggle to get to bed before midnight. My poor dog hates this – no sleeping in, alone for hours, no more lunch, walks in the dark.
We’re doing nothing but math in class now, which is my worst nightmare. I’d never gotten the hang of fractions, which has been both frustrating and embarrassing. I do use fractions sometimes in my work, and I kind of guestimate, which is ridiculous. So I am glad that I now know how to work with them, but also a bit annoyed that the Americans cling to their outdated Imperial system while the rest of the entire whole planet is Metric. And since Canada’s biggest trading partner is to the South, we are stuck in the twilight zone between the 2 systems. So we still do lbs and inches, as well as Celcius and kilometres. But fractions for measuring stuff is just plain dumb. Inches, feet and yards? Seriously, America? You’re holding us back.
I’m relieved that I am far from the worst math student in class, but frankly appalled that any one else could be worse at math than me. It has been my enemy since kindergarten. Well, that’s an exaggeration. It’s really just fractions I was stumped by. And I can’t hold a number in my head for very long. It’s too foreign a particle.
I’m looking forward to getting out of the classroom and into the shop. I bought a lot of tools and I want to use them!
Damn. Should have been in bed an hour ago. And still so much to do.

Sad dog.

Please don’t leave me alone all day.